What Makes Good Writing Good?

By Barbara Storms Granner

Good writing is rare because it requires a delicate balance between artistry and mechanics.

Like figure skating, writing is both an art and a science. And like a champion skater, a good writer makes it looks easy – but, as anyone who has ever twirled on the ice knows, it’s not.

Good writing is difficult because the writer must play so many different roles, among them:

> Reporter/detective. A good writer is inquisitive, tenacious and resourceful. She knows

which questions to ask, where to find the answers and how to get them.

> Friend and confidante. A good writer is empathetic and friendly. People open up to her because they sense she is an intelligent listener.

> Interpreter. A good writer can write about any subject, in any field – it’s a question of

learning the language. She instinctively senses the proper tone to strike, based on the audience and the client, and she strikes it.

> Psychologist. A good writer understands readers and knows that, above all else, people like to read about other people. She shows, rather than tells, what the client can do for the audience, using human interest stories, real-people tales, success stories, practical how-to pieces – approaches that grab the reader and present the client as a trustworthy expert.

> Artist. Her writing is not only accurate and informative but also

musical and easy to read.  It has pizzazz.

> Editor. She gets an A in “mechanics” – grammar, spelling,

punctuation, sentence structure, transitions, all those things

your high school English teacher demanded. They are the

icing on the cake for the client, who has no time to worry

about such basics.

If you’re looking for one freelancer who can play all those

roles with expertise and ease, contact

Barbara Storms Granner.

Barbara Storms Granner
Writing and Communications Consulting
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